Monday, 31 May 2010


At the moment I'm knitting squares. Eventually they'll be turned into baby blankets for still born babies, but for now I'm content to just be knitting squares. How cute are these colours together? I'm thinking I might be able to get two or three checked blankets out of these two balls of yarn. The blankets don't need to be big, as the babies are normally so tiny. It's so the mothers can take something home as a precious memory - apparently they often want to take home the hospital sheets, but the hospital needs to keep those, so they'll be given a knitted blanket instead.

I love how the stitches look so neat all together. If I'm just knitting on the train on my own, I like to pray for the mother and family who might end up with the blankets. I hope that through having something carefully handmade they might know that there's people out there who care, and who are praying for them. Who knows how God might use a baby blanket. When they're all sewn up I'll try and show you pictures.

When I have chunky yarn, myself and some girls from church are knitting scarves for rescued girls who have been sex trafficked. The A21 Campaign is doing an amazing job in helping to abolish sex slavery Greece and Eastern Europe so the scarves go to them. It's nice to think that through making something for someone, and praying for them, that God might use it to let them know that they're loved and valued. It's just a small thing, but a precious thought.


  1. Hi. I heard about the A21 campaign knitted scarfs project from a friend about a year ago. I forgot all about it but would like to get involved now. Is your church still running the scarf project, or would I rather be better off sending the scarfs directly to the A21 campaign head office in Greece (their website says gifts from individuals can be sent there).

  2. Hi Natasja,
    Sorry for the delay in replying! I would send them direct to the head office in Greece if possible. Always better to cut out the middle man, just in case!
    Thanks for helping!
    Emily. x