Saturday, 22 May 2010

Park Life

Yards from my house, there's a huge park which is used by the whole community. If there's one good thing about London parks is they're really well looked after. In built up areas like mine, it's really important to preserve the open spaces and make them areas where the whole community can come and exercise, spend time together and appreciate nature. I love our park!Seeing as summer seems to have come to visit, I took the opportunity to head out there today to have a play with my camera. Now, I'm no photographer, but it was nice to take a walk and look at all the tiny details of the gardens through a lens. I spent most of my time in the Ornamental Gardens, which are absolutely beautiful, and you could think you were in one of the Royal Parks if you didn't know. There's so many different sections, with different types of flowers and trees, landscaped rock gardens and rose gardens.
We even have palm trees!
... And a totem pole for some reason!
When I look at all the flowers, the detail and the intricacies of nature, it makes me wonder how anyone can doubt the existence of a divine creator. How could this wonderous beauty come into existence without some sort of outside force guiding the way? And this beauty is just to be found in a man-made park, imagine the wonder of creation which is out there in the wild, in the places that we don't see, those hidden places!
Those hidden places, in the depths of the sea, the deepest darkest jungles, where there's no one to admire the beauty, they were still created by an awesome God, so that they would bring glory to Him. So that one day, as the human race continues to discover the unknown, as creation unfolds to our finite minds, we might come across all these hidden beauties and wonder how they got there. How? By a divine, awesome God who took care in carving out this wondrous beauty and binding it all together on a planet where we might slowly discover it. How awesome is that!
"Take a look at God's work. Who could simply and reduce Creation's curves and angles to a plain straight line?" ~ Ecclesiastes 7:13
"Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves in them."
~ Psalm 69:34

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