Thursday, 3 June 2010

Life in a Folder

I've been wanting to get a Filofax for ages. I cleared out my bottomless handbag the other day, and in amongst the knitting, magazines, make-up and old receipts I dug out a grand total of six notebooks. Six! All with different purposes!! Time to get organised and have everything filed in one place I think! So at the weekend I treated myself to a Domino Filofax. A very reasonable price and my favourite colour! Perfect!

I had to restrain myself in buying all the different inserts! But I did purchase an extra set of notepaper, because I tend to make an awful lot of lists and take a lot of notes! Unfortunately the diary doesn't start until the beginning of July, so I have to wait to insert all my plans, but I did immediately set to work in making lots of lists and separating them into categories! (Oh the geekiness!). Here's my things to do....
... and my spending record - please ignore the two (2?!) entries for Starbucks, I have no idea how that happened! Anyway, on the whole am feeling a lot more organised, and my handbag is feeling a lot lighter!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Stitchy Stitchy

Remember last week I showed you the appliqued lion t-shirt which was on its way to my new baby niece? Well, in my stitching experimenting this is another one that I came up with. I love this pink fabric. It's from Saffron Craig's Fields range, I believe I got it from Fabric Rehab, although they no longer have it in stock, but it's well worth asking them if you like it.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Beautiful Books

How cool are these book covers? I only bought two unfortunately, but there are a whole series of classics with covers designed by an illustrator called Coralie Bickford-Smith.
She's done two sets, and I've got Wuthering Heights and Alice in Wonderland so far, but I'd love to collect them all. They would look amazing just lined up on the bookshelf in the alcoves in our living room. At £12.99 each it might have to be a gradual progression though, so if anyone's in the business for buying me present.... *hint hint* ;0)