Thursday, 3 June 2010

Life in a Folder

I've been wanting to get a Filofax for ages. I cleared out my bottomless handbag the other day, and in amongst the knitting, magazines, make-up and old receipts I dug out a grand total of six notebooks. Six! All with different purposes!! Time to get organised and have everything filed in one place I think! So at the weekend I treated myself to a Domino Filofax. A very reasonable price and my favourite colour! Perfect!

I had to restrain myself in buying all the different inserts! But I did purchase an extra set of notepaper, because I tend to make an awful lot of lists and take a lot of notes! Unfortunately the diary doesn't start until the beginning of July, so I have to wait to insert all my plans, but I did immediately set to work in making lots of lists and separating them into categories! (Oh the geekiness!). Here's my things to do....
... and my spending record - please ignore the two (2?!) entries for Starbucks, I have no idea how that happened! Anyway, on the whole am feeling a lot more organised, and my handbag is feeling a lot lighter!

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