Tuesday, 2 February 2010

2009 review... and here's to 2010!

So despite my prolonged absence on the blog in the latter part of last year, it doesn't mean that I was being unproductive and not achieving the goals I set for myself. In fact, it was quite the opposite! Although I didn't achieve all the things that I set out to at the start of 2009, I did have many other achievments - after all, life does not always bring what we expect and some things have to be put on the back-burner for a while, whilst other things move to the fore-front.

So, 2009, what a year...
- I got into knitting in a big way and learnt to knit hats as well as scarves!
- Although I didn't make much headway with my debt, I did increase my earnings, as did Jon, and manage to make it to the end of the month without habitually using credit, so I didn't increase my debt either, and due to bigger earnings there is now a disposable income to use towards debt.
- We saved money by WINNING a free trip to Vegas and very much enjoyed some time just for us.
- I unexpectedly got a promotion and now carry the title of "Deputy Editor"... it sounds glam, but my office isn't exactly Devil Wears Prada stylee if you know what I mean.
- Jon too got a promotion to "Team leader" which basically means he's in management.
- I learnt that being busy all the time doesn't mean that you are productive.
- I learnt to prioritise my commitments, and that some me-time is normally a top priority if everything else is to get done.
- I learnt how to say no.
- I decided to spend more time with my parents, and enjoyed it immensely.
- I realised that I have a great marriage and a fantastic husband, and that I need to invest in that no matter what the cost.
- I read so many books I lost count!

2010 here we come......
- I've signed up to a 10k run in aid of the A21 Campaign on March 14th. I've done no training whatsoever but am hoping that this is the start of a new habit, have got a week's free pass at the local gym. Sponsor me here.
- I've made a decision to make more of an effort to see old friends and to invest in new friendships, which means my Friday and Saturday nights are booked up for a while - and also that my cooking repertoire will have to expand!
- I've gathered together all our relatives' addresses and birthdays, maybe 2010 will be the year I actually send greetings cards (it's kind of expected of me in my new job!).
- I now have a disposable income which means we can pay off debt as well as live relatively comfortably.
- Having reviewed my priorities and commitments, I know that I can now give 100% to my responisbilities rather than spreading myself too thin. It also means Jon and I can work as a team! (AKA The Dream Team!).
- Have decided to just go for it in all things! - knowing that God is eternally faithful and will provide for every eventuality no matter what.
- I want to learn to sew! Which means giving myself time to practise rather than trying to do a rush job and expecting it to be perfect!

So... apologies for the lack of pictures! There will be more blogging in the near future, pics and all!