Monday, 31 May 2010


At the moment I'm knitting squares. Eventually they'll be turned into baby blankets for still born babies, but for now I'm content to just be knitting squares. How cute are these colours together? I'm thinking I might be able to get two or three checked blankets out of these two balls of yarn. The blankets don't need to be big, as the babies are normally so tiny. It's so the mothers can take something home as a precious memory - apparently they often want to take home the hospital sheets, but the hospital needs to keep those, so they'll be given a knitted blanket instead.

I love how the stitches look so neat all together. If I'm just knitting on the train on my own, I like to pray for the mother and family who might end up with the blankets. I hope that through having something carefully handmade they might know that there's people out there who care, and who are praying for them. Who knows how God might use a baby blanket. When they're all sewn up I'll try and show you pictures.

When I have chunky yarn, myself and some girls from church are knitting scarves for rescued girls who have been sex trafficked. The A21 Campaign is doing an amazing job in helping to abolish sex slavery Greece and Eastern Europe so the scarves go to them. It's nice to think that through making something for someone, and praying for them, that God might use it to let them know that they're loved and valued. It's just a small thing, but a precious thought.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Park Life

Yards from my house, there's a huge park which is used by the whole community. If there's one good thing about London parks is they're really well looked after. In built up areas like mine, it's really important to preserve the open spaces and make them areas where the whole community can come and exercise, spend time together and appreciate nature. I love our park!Seeing as summer seems to have come to visit, I took the opportunity to head out there today to have a play with my camera. Now, I'm no photographer, but it was nice to take a walk and look at all the tiny details of the gardens through a lens. I spent most of my time in the Ornamental Gardens, which are absolutely beautiful, and you could think you were in one of the Royal Parks if you didn't know. There's so many different sections, with different types of flowers and trees, landscaped rock gardens and rose gardens.
We even have palm trees!
... And a totem pole for some reason!
When I look at all the flowers, the detail and the intricacies of nature, it makes me wonder how anyone can doubt the existence of a divine creator. How could this wonderous beauty come into existence without some sort of outside force guiding the way? And this beauty is just to be found in a man-made park, imagine the wonder of creation which is out there in the wild, in the places that we don't see, those hidden places!
Those hidden places, in the depths of the sea, the deepest darkest jungles, where there's no one to admire the beauty, they were still created by an awesome God, so that they would bring glory to Him. So that one day, as the human race continues to discover the unknown, as creation unfolds to our finite minds, we might come across all these hidden beauties and wonder how they got there. How? By a divine, awesome God who took care in carving out this wondrous beauty and binding it all together on a planet where we might slowly discover it. How awesome is that!
"Take a look at God's work. Who could simply and reduce Creation's curves and angles to a plain straight line?" ~ Ecclesiastes 7:13
"Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves in them."
~ Psalm 69:34

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Last Supper

Oh oven chips, how I love thee,
But you and me, we're just not meant to be,
It's time for us to say our goodbyes,
As truth be told, you're bad for my thighs!

That's right, it's high time I started getting a little bit more active, eating a little less convenience food, drinking a little bit more water, getting better sleep and generally being HEALTHIER! I've also come to the conclusion, that I need to go full pelt, 100%. Go cold turkey on all the bad stuff, and absolutely crazy with the exercise, otherwise I will very quickly slip back into bad habits.
I'll let you know how that takes shape!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

This is what I got up to at the weekend. How cute! It didn't take too long to do but was nice to get some confidence on the sewing machine. This is now on its way to a special little girl called Grace. :0)
I also had a play with another one but no pics of that one at the moment.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A bit of nostalgia...

Thinking about my favourite book, Emily, yesterday, got me to thinking about other books that I used to enjoy. This one was the first that sprang to mind: Tall Inside, by Jean Richardson. Now, if you know me then you'll know that I'm pretty small and have yet to reach the 5" mark! So when I was a child I was really slight, I look back at some pictures and think I look like some kind of pixie! Sooo glad I grew into my head!

Anyway, so the point is, that I really related to this story. It's about a little girl who is small and she's at the circus and is feeling a bit insecure about it. Eventually she hides in a corner and cries, but then a clown comes along and tries to cheer her up. Turns out, he's small too and is just wearing stilts! I think that's how it went anyway, but I remember loving it!

Another one of my favourites is the bible story, Zacchaeus. Once again because he was short! I can see a pattern emerging!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Emily the Travelling Guinea Pig

I was looking through my bookcase yesterday and I came across this, Emily by Emma Smith. I remember as a child I felt so special because I had a book that was named after me! Myself and my sister would often share our books and toys but this one book was so clearly mine. I'm not normally one for hoarding books. I have so many but none that I keep for years and years - this one, I've never been able to throw it away.
You can see I wrote my name in the front, 4M, Oaklands Junior School. So I must have been about 8 when I was given it. I don't have a clue who gave it to me. The words "From Charlotte" are also written in the front, but I don't know who Charlotte is! It was published in 1960, and when I looked it up on Amazon there was one copy, being sold for £65!
Emily was a guinea pig who woke up one morning and decided to go on an adventure. The book chronicles this adventure and also lets us know how her husband is getting on at home, fending for himself! At the end she gets homesick and decides to head home. Every so often there's these darling coloured pictures on glossy paper - I remember looking forward to those pages!

Of course I wasn't named after Emily the guinea pig - I was born in the 80s! But it was so lovely to have a namesake to make me feel special.
I was actually named after this girl, Anna, of Mr God, this is Anna. Ok, so my name is Emily, but my middle name is Anne, and I found out recently that my mum was reading this book when she was pregnant with me, so my middle name is in tribute to Anna - a young girl who has such childlike faith in God. It wasn't until last year that I actually read the book and was horrified to find that Anna dies at the end! (Sorry if you wanted to read it!) - but it is a beautiful book.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hello Petal!

I went into Sainsbury's the other night to buy breakfast bars and cheese. I came out with a dairy milk, a copy of the latest Ideal Home, cheese and a bunch of tulips. I just couldn't resist! I absolutely love tulips, they're so sunny and colourful.
So, they weren't exactly on the shopping list, but they were on special offer. I totally forgot about the breakfast bars but hey, I got distracted!
Aren't they pretty?!
I was a little bit inspired as I was at my mum's house at the weekend and there were tulips everywhere! She put a vase in the downstairs toilet, and there were a number of guests for my grandfather's birthday party and we were instructed to direct them in there, because that was where the flowers were!
These flowers were used for the table centrepiece and the cake, and ok they're fake but still so pretty. So now my little bunch sits on our bathroom windowsill. So sunny and bright to look at :0)

Am I nesting?! I am constantly finding that I want to surround myself with pretty things. Our flat is lovely with regards to space and light, however it's in severe need of re-decoration and needs freshening up a bit. Unfortunately because we rent, it's not something we can do ourselves - although I would love to paint everything white, hang bright curtains and lay laminate flooring throughout. I guess for now, I'll have to settle for the occasional bunch of tulips to brighten up the place!

What do you do to give your house a fresh look when you can't redecorate and refurbish throughout? I'd love to hear your ideas!