Sunday, 16 May 2010

Hello Petal!

I went into Sainsbury's the other night to buy breakfast bars and cheese. I came out with a dairy milk, a copy of the latest Ideal Home, cheese and a bunch of tulips. I just couldn't resist! I absolutely love tulips, they're so sunny and colourful.
So, they weren't exactly on the shopping list, but they were on special offer. I totally forgot about the breakfast bars but hey, I got distracted!
Aren't they pretty?!
I was a little bit inspired as I was at my mum's house at the weekend and there were tulips everywhere! She put a vase in the downstairs toilet, and there were a number of guests for my grandfather's birthday party and we were instructed to direct them in there, because that was where the flowers were!
These flowers were used for the table centrepiece and the cake, and ok they're fake but still so pretty. So now my little bunch sits on our bathroom windowsill. So sunny and bright to look at :0)

Am I nesting?! I am constantly finding that I want to surround myself with pretty things. Our flat is lovely with regards to space and light, however it's in severe need of re-decoration and needs freshening up a bit. Unfortunately because we rent, it's not something we can do ourselves - although I would love to paint everything white, hang bright curtains and lay laminate flooring throughout. I guess for now, I'll have to settle for the occasional bunch of tulips to brighten up the place!

What do you do to give your house a fresh look when you can't redecorate and refurbish throughout? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Emily, those flowers are gorgeous! I often get distracted by similar things in the supermarket... Ideal Home and Flowers! And, ok, chocolate too. Hehe!
    We rent too, so can't redecorate either. To freshen things up I try to declutter, polish *everything*, and rearrange the furniture, even if it's just switching the kettle and microwave around! Yey for pretty flowers!
    Hope you're well x