Wednesday, 4 August 2010

3 years ago...

Three years ago today, I married my best friend, Mr Jon Davies. And what a good decision that was! Three years on, marriage is great. In fact, for all the single people out there, I'd recommend it!
When we got married, we were told by lots of well-meaning friends that "The first year is the hardest" - I guess because you're still getting used to each other. It wasn't. We sailed through, not without silly arguments, but it definitely wasn't hard.

After our second anniversary there was a distinct increase in the amount of people who asked "Well, when are you having children then?" The answer? Obviously not yet, and obviously I won't tell you if I am!

After the third anniversary, things seem to have calmed down a bit. People tend to just accept your marriage the way it is, and are just thrilled that you're enjoying the journey. Us? We're just happy getting on with things in our own way, as we always have. Together. As a team. And who could wish for a better team mate?

As for me, I tend to over-analyse things. And after each mile stone I turn to Jon with a panicked look on my face and say "But Jon, we're XX years in, and what have we achieved??? Where are we going???" And Jon always says with a smile on his face, "Just enjoy the journey." I love that I have someone who keeps me grounded and keeps me in the present. Not analysing the past, and not worrying about the future. Whereas I'm definitely the person in our little team who drives things forward and pushes us to the next level. It's good to complement each other!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Mr Davies.

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