Friday, 27 August 2010

Seasonal Musings

August has been a funny old month, one that has stretched out into a vast expanse of nothingness, one that has resulted in a general feeling of nothing having been achieved, and yet various things having been lost in the process. It's been a bit quiet on this blog as a result.

There are seasons in life that we travel through aimlessly, hoping to merely survive rather than actually grow or become anything greater than what we already are. Not much desire to improve or progress, but just to get there, to the end of the season and into the new one, which promises much more positivity and a sense of hope.

In fact, 2010 has consisted muchly of this type of season for me but I'm starting to see that there might be an end to it, and maybe, just maybe, Spetember will be something of a more hopeful month.

I've always loved September for its sense of new beginnings. It's like an extra New Year celebration, probably due to our school calendar ingraining this into us since childhood. I always make new year resolutions in September. Just little resolves of things I might do or achieve. In fact, this 'Winter Term' is normally my most productive season of the year because I have a little panic over what I will write in my annual newsletter come Christmas, and so feel I must achieve something of interest so I might appear to lead a life that people might want to read about.

 I guess when you have kids you write about all their exam results and extra curricular activities, but when it's just us, we have to have something new to say rather than "This year, I carried on with the daily grind, and I survived. Merry Christmas". What a depressing thought, that that might be our annual newsletter!

I have some plans brewing, I can feel my creative mojo creeping back, and I'm hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep this weekend, so maybe I'll be back to my normal self soon. And maybe, as we change into autumn (although right now it feels like winter!), I might experience some sort of transition also.

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