Monday, 13 December 2010

I've been busy...

I've missed my poor neglected blog. I find that when I'm in bloggy mode, I create a lot more interesting things, just so I have a constant supply of things to blog about - whether that be cooking, crafting, photography or writing. But the last couple of months, time has slipped through my fingers and although I've been busy, it's been with the rigmarole of life, not with making pretty things.

However, I have made a few things here and there so here's a small selection.

Remember all of these teacups?
I've been turning them into these:
 Yep, pin cushions. Cute huh? This was my first, and then I made one for my mum's birthday but forgot to take a picture. The rest are still sitting on my shelf but they all have new and different destinies... watch this space!
I also decided to do something with the cover buttons and fabric scraps that I had lounging about in a drawer. Then I had fun papercrafting a tag for them :0)

And, remember when I went to the Museum of London and fell in love with my awesome city?
Well, I thought those lovely quotes would look beautiful stitched into eternity, so here is my first:

It took me about five hours to complete in total and I love my little London bus motif at the bottom. Cute!
So that's a short summary of some of my creative moments of the past couple months :0)

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