Thursday, 17 November 2011

I'm back!

I'm so happy to return to my poor, neglected blog after such a long time. The truth is, it's been a tough and busy year. My lifestyle just hasn't allowed me to devote my spare time to blogging. This makes me ever-so sad because as part of my job I read a lot of blogs and I often have a browse during my lunch hour, however it seems I'm always on the outside looking in rather than having the time to jump into the wonderful bloggy community.

I hope, however, that this is all about to change, for three reasons:

- In a couple of weeks time I am starting a new job. Rather than travelling for 2 hours to get to work, I will now be travelling a mere 30 minutes, giving me more time to devote to my hobbies and interests.
- My new job does not involve writing about craft all day, in fact, it doesn't involve much creative writing at all so I will be looking for a creative outlet.
- In a couple of weeks we are moving house. To a much nicer house. A house that I will actually want to spend time in. This not only means that I will have much to write about over the coming months, but I will also have a home in which I want to be. At the moment I have a tendency to avoid going home for a number of reasons, but I really intend on making our new flat like a home rather than a crashpad so I'll be wanting to spend a lot more time there (blogging)!

So, the blog may take many forms, but at the moment I intend to focus on the following areas:

- Organisation
Recently I've felt an intense need to get my house in order. I've become addicted to organising blogs, printables and little things in life that help me run my life more smoothly. Of course I dream that my new house will give me a clean slate on which to work, form new habits and really put into practise what I'm learning.
- Interiors
As I said, I want to make my house a home. I've never done this before. Despite being married for four years, I still feel like I'm still living in student digs. It's a shabby rental, so nothing matches and it never quite looks clean. But the new flat is much nicer and it's unfurnished so I can start from scratch and build up things that I really, really love. Watch this space!
- Crafts
Sometimes, partly because I do it for a living, and partly because I am loyal to the particular brand that I work for, I find it difficult to blog about crafts in the way I would like. But in my new job these constraints will be lessened so I will be free to talk about what I want to talk about. It also means that I won't be distracted by the many, many crafty things that I come across on a daily basis, and I can be more specific and targeted in my skills.

I think that will probably be enough to keep me busy! and hopefully this poor, neglected blog can once again flourish into something inspiring and informative for those of you who like that type of thing!

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