Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A State of Craft

Crafting has, for a long time, been something that we do. Maybe a side-line hobby or a past time for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's often associated with the slightly more mature of us, and people think that it's not something us young'uns would ever want to be involved in. But in recent years, possibly over the past decade or so, creative types have emerged from their closets and craft is cool once again - but you knew that didn't you?!

Finally though, someone has captured the notion of crafting, not being something we just do, but something we are and so we welcome the book launch of State of Craft (edited by Victoria Woodcock). Creative types are constantly in a state of creativity - or craft - and this book celebrates that fact.

State of Craft gives us a snapshot of creative types everywhere. It's not a project book - though it has projects - it's not a biography collection - though it has biographies. It's not an instruction manual, but it does contain instructions. No, State of Craft is mix of all three, celebrating artisans and craftsman of all different crafts, showing us how we can pick up a few skills, and telling us their inspiring stories so that we too can dream that one day our quirky little creations might capture the imaginations of the public and maybe we'll be able to give up our day jobs to become full-time crafters (well, we can dream can't we!).

The book doesn't focus on one particular craft, but gives attention to many different skills, from knitting to screen-printing, to crochet and jewellery making. So if you're a bit of a jack of all trades (and a master of none? Ahem!) then you'll enjoy State of Craft. Some of the crafts are a bit alternative or indie but they strike a balance with the more every day and pretty so there really is something for everyone, whatever your craft and style.

And the crafter profiles are both entertaining and inspiring, making a great read in between the fun projects!

Best Bits:

  • The knitting and crochet illustrations are amongst the easiest to understand that I've ever come across
  • I'm determined to make some of Helen Rawlinson's Mini Storage Buckets and love Sam Wingate's screenprinted designs. Also worth a mention is Jess Fawcett's super-cute clutch bags, Catherine Miller's Dotty Doily Garland and Raye McKown's Button Rings.
  • It draws attention to so many fabulous London crafters as we do have such a great crafty scene here in The big Smoke! 
State of Craft (edited by Victoria Woodcock and published by Cicada) can be purchased here.

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