Monday, 2 February 2009

Battling against the elements...

This was our garden last night.... and even that would normally be bad. You just don't get snow in London.

This was our garden at 6.45am this morning (compare the garden table to see exactly how much snow fell!)

This was our street at 6.55am when I left the house. Hardly anyone had walked on it yet, and you couldn't see where the pavement ended and the road began.

And this was platform 10 at Stratford station. You can't see it that well but around the lamp posts the snow was almost knee deep.

When I finally got on the train (delayed by 20minutes), I got as far as Chelmsford and was forced to turn around and go back for fear that we wouldn't be able to get home. We were told it was set to get worse and travelling back tonight would be a nightmare. So, really, I didn't have to battle the elements at all.

And... it's STILL snowing. Heavily!

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