Sunday, 11 January 2009

Area 5: Life on the front row

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. That's what happens when you return to work after two weeks off and try to fall into routine again!

I noticed towards the end of last year that I was becoming a bit of a recluse. I would decline on a lot of evening invitations and events simply because it was 'too hard' or 'too tiring' to commute AND then have a life.

But this year I've decided to just do everything 100%. I once heard a message that Donna Crouch preached about living life on the front row, doing everything 100% and not just being a spectator in life but actually playing the game. So, naturally, I'm now just going to say yes to everything, and I might get tired sometimes, and I might hate getting up in the mornings, but my life will be richer for it because I will actually have a social life (makes a change!)

In other news... Becoming a well-rounded person
So I'm obviously really enjoying Sense and Sensibility and it's great that I can achieve this goal whilst on the move. I can read on the train and it's great.

However, I'd love to have more time to be more creative. I have so much craft stuff at home (part of the job, you know!) and yet I don't use any of it! I've got stacks of papercrafting stuff for making cards, fabric and buttons and a sewing machine, and my new project, beads. The only reason this craft has taken longer than the others is that it requires proper equipment, but never fear ladies and gents! A nice PR department sent me some vouchers as a Christmas gift so off I went to the shops yesterday and had a bit of a spree!

So now I have all the equipment I need :0) And I'm determined to devote more time to making pretty things.

So... Goals:
- Live life on the front row, don't decline invitations just because you think it's too hard or tiring
- Sleep on the train if you must!
- Set some time aside for myself and make stuff!!! And enjoy it!!!


  1. Hey emily how you doing?

    You've inspired me to dig out all my beads and tools and make some pretty things too. Life gets so hectic sometimes, it's nice to step back and take the time to actually make something, be creative!

    I love your blog! x

  2. Jenny! I'm good thanks. Would love to see what you make! I didn't get around to the jewellery today but the papercrafting I can do :0)

    Will hop over to your blog and catch up on you!